It’s this simple, Massage & Bodywork Therapy will help you feel better, nurture your health, relieve tension, stress, fatigue and chronic pain.

By Appointment Monday – Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm

Fee Schedule for All Services
Cash, Local Checks, (Credit Cards additional $3)
$55 for 45 minutes
$70 for 60 minutes

$80 for 70 minutes
$105 for 90 minutes
Outcall $40 per visit to one location

As an experienced therapist, I have the skills and extensive training to create a personalized session that will meet your needs.

Healing and Wellness can be facilitated through body awareness; it is more than just the absence of stress, pain or illness; it is becoming aware of who we are as a physical, emotional, and spiritual body; an awakening to the true sense of our well-being.