Relaxation, Stress Relief, Pain Reduction, Sports Recovery, Rehabilitation, Well-Being
This work is a precise physical medicine with highly effective results that promote healing through a natural process.

Your session will be customized using several types of manual therapy techniques: Neuromuscular Therapy/Trigger Point (NMT/TPT), Myofascial Release (MFR), Sports, Stretch Assisted Massage (PNF), Muscle Energy Technique (MET), Cupping. Your session can also include Osteophonic Tuning Forks, Table Thai, or Heat Therapies.

Medical Massage is based on the mechanical, chemical process and systemic effects of the pain mechanism of soft tissue injury. Specific manual therapy techniques are used to target regions of the body with chronic pain, injury and trigger points, to retrain muscle memory and reverse the cyclic return of soft tissue pain (the pain spasm pain cycle) by:

·  Initiating a process to shut off the sustained contraction.

·  Initiating the process of diffusion of waste/toxins from tissues cells to blood, thus returning blood and oxygen flow to the ischemic tissue.

·  Continuing the recommended or prescribed frequency for long term relief.

Note-Because I do not file insurance, I provide this service at the same rate as self-pay. If you require documented session notes, prior notification is needed and an additional document fee will apply. Some insurance policies, FSA, HSA and Med-pay plans may cover prescribed massage and reimburse you when your diagnosis is medically necessary. If you have a referral or prescription, an itemized bill/receipt will be provided to you

Ashiatsu (Ashi means “foot” and atsu means “pressure”) is a westernized version of an ancient form of bodywork based on Keralite foot massage called “Chavutti Thirummal”, from Kerala India, dating back to the 12th century, originally developed by Kalari Martial Artists and Ayurvedic physicians. In Ashiatsu Bar Therapy, the practitioner uses their bare feet and body weight combined with Swedish, Sports, and Myofascial techniques. This is done on an extra wide, custom built heavy duty table which supports 1700 lbs. of working weight, while using an overhead bar system suspended from the ceiling.

Imagine a deep, relaxing massage that looks like a dance on the body. It begins with hands on application of pure oil & shea butter, then using the bare feet to travel the whole length of the body in one sweeping, flowing stroke, from the tips of the fingers to the toes. Firm, controlled pressure is applied, while stimulating individual chakra points/energy vortexes, circulation, relieving muscular pain, discomfort, and promoting a deeper relaxing breathing pattern; a true body, mind and soul sensation.

Your “a little more pressure please” is right here.

Osteophonic Tuning Forks and Sound Healing

This is a very gentle and effective healing method that brings good vibes and harmony into your session. Based on science, everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Our bodies are made up of water, right down to our cells, which makes it an amazing conductor and resonator for sound. These frequencies can be heard and felt throughout the body. Osteophonic Body tuners (weighted Otto tuners) are activated, placed on the body to apply sound at acupressure- points, trigger points and used to glide over soft tissue, muscles and bone, stimulating the production of Nitric Oxide, allowing your cells to breathe and energy to flow. Alpha waves are also created to reach your meditative, relaxed alpha state of mind.

Per Dr. John Beaulieu (Naturopath and pioneer of sound healing), “Nitric oxide is made inside the vascular, nerve and immune cells and is rhythmically released into the surrounding tissues as a gas. It participates in the healthy functioning of all main organ systems and acts as a signaling molecule and attacking molecule neutralizing viruses, bacteria, and other free radicals. In doing so, they reduce inflammation, pain, tension, and muscle spasms”