Certified Medical Massage Practitioner ™
Certified Ahh..shiatsu© Bar Therapy Specialist
Certified Massage School Instructor

Clinical Practice:
Advanced Chiropractic, Cary NC
680 Hrs. Clinical Practice- Gail Goldberg, DC

Body Therapy Institute, Siler City NC – 1996 (625 Hrs.)
Massage Techniques I, II, Somatic Psychology, A&P I,II, Clinical Practicum,
Business& Marketing, Hydrotherapy, Oriental, Polarity, Shiatsu,
Massage Law & Ethics, HIV awareness, Community Service.

AEMC Massage Clinic School, Raleigh NC – 1999 (500 Hrs.)
Russian Medical Massage
Russian Medical Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports & Recovery, Reflexology,
Oriental, Somatic/Communication, Ethics, Business & Legal Practice.

Skill Training:

Medical Massage Practitioner Certification: Insurance Billing and Reimbursement for Medical Massage
Neuromuscular Treatment for Thoracolumbosacral Strain & Sprain, Neuromuscular Therapy for Cervical Strain & Sprain, Medical Massage Master Level for Postural Distortion, Medical Massage Master Level for Upper Extremity, Medical Massage Master Lever for Lower Extremity
TMJ:Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy,Para spinal Muscles, Anterior Neck, Internal Jaw/Mouth for TMJD & Postural Assessments & T-Bar use.
Stretch Assisted Massage (SAM): Upper Body &Hip Opener for Professional Athletes & Injury Prevention
Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques: for Neck & Head Pain, Shoulder Impingement & Thoracic Outlet Pain, Rotator Cuff, Low Back, Hip, Leg and Foot Pain
Ahh…shiatsu© Bar Therapy ; Fijian Massage;Thai Massage for the Table; Massage School Instructor Certification: Russian Medical Massage, the V-Method, Stress and Pain Reduction Level I, Level II, Level III, Principles for Migraine and Fibromyalgia