Certified Medical Massage Practitioner ™
Certified Ahh..shiatsu© Bar Therapy Specialist

Certified Massage School Instructor

Clinical Practice:
Advanced Chiropractic, Cary NC
680 Hrs. Clinical Practice- Gail Goldberg, DC

Body Therapy Institute, Siler City NC – 1996 (625 Hrs.)
Massage Techniques I, II, Somatic Psychology, A&P I,II, Clinical Practicum,
Business& Marketing, Hydrotherapy, Oriental, Polarity, Shiatsu,
Massage Law & Ethics, HIV awareness, Community Service.

AEMC Massage Clinic School, Raleigh NC – 1999 (500 Hrs.)
Russian Medical Massage
Russian Medical Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports & Recovery, Reflexology,
Oriental, Somatic/Communication, Ethics, Business & Legal Practice.

Continued Studies: Thai Massage for the Table ·Living Sabai
Stretch Assisted Massage (SAM) , Upper Body &Hip Opener for Professional Athletes & Injury Prevention
·Dawn Weeks, LMT, ATC, AIS

Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques for Neck & Head Pain, Shoulder Impingement & Thoracic Outlet Pain, Rotator Cuff, Low Back, Hip, Leg and Foot Pain
·Erik Dalton’s Freedom from Pain Institute

Medical Massage Practitioner Certification: Insurance Billing and Reimbursement for Medical Massage
Neuromuscular Treatment for Thoracolumbosacral Strain & Sprain, Neuromuscular Therapy for Cervical Strain & Sprain, Medical Massage Master Level for Postural Distortion, Medical Massage Master Level for Upper Extremity, Medical Massage Master Lever for Lower Extremity
·Shamaya Chah, LMT Musculoskeletal Rehab, Inc. Eustis FL

Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy
Para spinal Muscles, Anterior Neck, Internal Jaw/Mouth for TMJD & Postural Assessments & T-Bar use.
·Janice Durand, Director-Tree of Life Center, Efland, NC

Ahh…shiatsu© Bar Therapy and Fijian Massage Therapy
·Michelle Mace Lambert LMT, Barefoot Masters, Naples FL

Massage School Instructor Certification, Russian Medical Massage, the V-Method, Stress and Pain Reduction Level I, Level II, Level III, Principles for Migraine and Fibromyalgia
·AEMC Massage Clinic School

 Twists in the Body & Basic Fascia Techniques
·Dhiresha Marshall Myofascial Workshops

·Cynthia Loving, Loving Scents, Inc.